American Folk Artist Robin A. Davis was born, raised and continues to live in the small town of Madison, Maine. Having grown around her artistic family, she was greatly influenced by the arts. She inherited her love of creativity at a young age and hasn't stopped painting since. Robin's preferred style of work, folk art, is defined as art created by the common folk. In older times before cameras and technology, history was recorded through paintings by unprofessional artists, a form that later took on name of "folk art." This style allows Robin to showcase her paintings in an imperfectly perfect way that may be described as old or primitive. Each of Robin's paintings possess their own unique quality. These qualities not only come from their folk art style, but the wood that the pieces are painted on. Unlike many painters today, Robin only paints on old wood. Underneath the paint strokes, Robin has covered up old barn boards, barrel slats, door panels, old furniture pieces, and even recycled piano parts. In addition to her gallery in Madison, Maine she is also a published artist. Her work has been mentioned and pictured in the book titled "Images of America Lakewood Theatre" by Jenny Oby, published by Arcadia Publishing (2017).

About The Artist